Thanks for viewing my portfolio! My name is Qing Zhuang (pronounced like this: ching juong). I am an artist and K-12 art educator based in New York City. I absolutely love sharing my love for art, storytelling and this truly awesome and interesting world with young ones.

Ever since I immigrated to the City as a second-grader from China, I have been hungrily devouring picture books and dreaming of creating one myself. I am obsessed with picture books and have quite a collection at home. My other interests include all sorts of puppets from around the world (and making them with my students), American music since the 60's, the comedy, "Parks and Recreation" and of course, "Stranger Things". I also treasure grocery shopping with my mother and grandmother in Chinatown.

I earned my BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art and my Master of Art in Teaching from the School of Visual Arts in New York.

My email is Qingthings (at) gmail (dot) com

I am also everywhere on social media. Please see links to your left!

Have a fantastic day!